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Self diagnostic test for the detection of iron deficiency in whole blood

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Anaemia due to iron depletion is widely held in children and women of all ages but mainly in women who still have their period (at least 20% suffer iron deficiency). Main signs as paleness, feeling tired, headaches, faster heartbeat or shortness of breath during exercise appear gradually and could go unnoticed. Therefore it is important to determine if the available iron is sufficient for the body’s needs. Iron deficiency occurs when blood does not contain enough red cells and thus low levels of haemoglobin which is a major protein involved in oxygen transport in whole body. An important component of haemoglobin is iron. Depletion in iron, which can happen during pregnancy, growth, in case of insufficient iron intake, inadequate absorption or blood loss (periods, abnormal bleeding, ulcers…etc) have tremendous effects on health. Caution: This test is not appropriated for patient suspected of or suffering from hemochromatosis. The FERRI-Check® is a rapid immunodiagnostic test for the assessment of ferritin (a protein capable of storing iron in cells) from finger prick whole blood sample. Therefore FERRI Check ® could be used for the screening of potential iron deficiency.

How does FERRI-Check® work?

Ferritin is a protein and the primary form of iron stored inside cells. A positive result means that ferritin concentration in blood is lower than 20ng/mL and a possible iron deficiency.

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